7 Balles invites both big and small to join us and try out your hand at making all kinds of interesting things, explore different materials and get to know all kinds of tools. We have developed two rooms where workshops take place - a woodworking workshop and an arts and crafts room. The majority of workshop that we offer thake about an hour to complete. But for those in a hurry whe also have a cupple that take a lot less time.
It's advisable to call or email us to schedule your visit beforehand.
We have developed three ways to create candles - in a plastic/metal mold, in glass cup or putting colorful paraffin discs on a wick and then melting them together. The molds are available in multiple shapes and sizes while the variety of the glass cups is almost infinite since we make them out of clear glass jars and bottles. It is especially important to notify us in advance if you plan to make candles since melting the necessary paraffin takes up to four hours.
Nail Decoration
There are these days when you just want to pick up a hammer and just hit stuff with it. We offer to channel these emotions in a positive direction. We have all kinds of nails that you can use to make all kinds of elaborate compositions.
A string covered in small reflective beeds of all shapes and sizes.
This is our version of a very old latvian toy. Not that long ago they ware made out of large coat buttons and before that chicken bones ware used. We don't have buttons or chickens so we use wood. After the toy is put together it's possible to attach to it small peaces of branches to make it buzz even louder when it spins.
Clay ornament
We have all kinds of little clay beads. All you will need to do is pick out those that you like and arrange them on a string.
Wood Burning
Maybe it's a coaster. Maybe it's a decorative object for your bookshelf. But one thing is clear - there is going to be smoke and once that clears you'll have a peace of art on your hands.
Spinning Top
As it turns out almost any kind of a shape can be turned into a spinning top. We will show you how to cut it out, how to balance it and decorate your very own custom spinning top.
A dynamic toy. While making it you will get to try out cutting wood and burning decorations into wood.
Sand Mandala
Sand mandala is an activity that's well suited for a group of people that want to take a step back from the frantic pace of modern life. This is an opportunity to spend a couple of your hours in good company drawing all kinds of designs with sand. And once it's done you have to gather all of the sand and decide where you're going to scatter the sand.
Clay wind chime
A wind chime with a completely different feel and sound than the glass wind chime.
Gypsum Ornament
This is an opportunity to try out two materials that most people don't encounter all that often - clay and gypsum. Flowers, leafs and other natural materials get pressed into the clay and the resulting mold is cast in gypsum.
Painting on Canvas Bag
Everyone needs a canvas bag. Unfortunately most of the ones out there are rather ugly. Covered in random logos or questionable patterns. Luckily there is a solution - make your own. We have water resistant paints, brushes, stamps, tree leafs and many more tools that you can use to make something you can proudly carry around.
We have all kinds of paper. Multiple ways to put them togheter. All you have to bring is some imagination and together we will make your own unique notebook.
Safety Reflector
We have a variety of reflective adhesive tape that you can cut and combine to create your own unique designs on plastic rectangles. The more ambitious can also use our scroll saws cut their own shapes out of the rectangles to even further customize their safety reflectors.
This is our version of an old and well tested toy. Once the toy is assembled you twist up the rubber bands, put it on the floor, let it go and it will roll away more or less in the direction you planned. And once enough rollers have been made you can organize a race.
Wind Chimes
As you can probably tell the base of the wind chime is the top half of a bottle. We have gathered a wide variety of these so you'll have plenty to chose from. Then will tell you how to asemble it, what are your options for decorating it. And if anyones interested we can also demosnstrate the process of cutting bottle in half.
Tile mosaic
No dažnedažādiem flīžu gabaliņiem, kurus pēc vajadzības var gan griezt gan lauzt, izveidojam mozaīku, kuru pēc tam ar flīžu līmi sastiprinām kopā. Kad darbiņš gatavs to var izmantot kā istabas dekoru vai arī, piemēram, paliktnīti kaut kam karstam.
Painting and engraving of glass cups
Personalized Pin
Draw our own unique badge on white paper, which is then pressed into the badge. Three sizes are available. We have also prepared various ornaments that you just have to color in to make a nice little badge.
Traditional Latvian decoration - Puzuris
While in the olden days these decorations ware made from wheat straw we've decided to modernise it a little bit and use cocktail straws. This makes the end product to be much more durable while at the same time more colorful and fun. It may look like a really difficult task, but in reality almost anyone can learn it rather fast. The only skill that is necessary is knowing how to tie a knot. Every person can make their own smaller puzuris or a group of people can team up and create a much larger decoration.
Everyone has heard of stick insects, but have you haerd about stick caterpillars? No? Well that's cause you can't find them in the zoo. You have to make them yourself. Thei are made out of various sizes of wooden bits and some string.
Jigsaw Puzzle
It all starts with a blank peace of plywood and whole lot of imagination. Everyone has to come up with their own design for their puzzle. Once that's done and one of as has inspected whether or not it will hold together you can use our scroll saws to cut it into separate peaces, sand every peace, and pain it with acrylic paints.
Wind Indicator
A wind indicator can be all kinds of things. It can be a bird, a plane or a character from a story. We give you tools and parts and you get to let your imagination loose. The only thing that is needed for it to be a wind indicator is a large and lush "tail" so that the wind can turn your creation around.
Magnetic Peg
You've probably seen something like this in the store. Well with our help you can learn how to make these by youself. I bet you can create much more interesting designs than those in the store.
Wooden Car
Parts for these cars have already been prepared. All you have to do is pick the right ones for you, assemble it, decorate it with wooden bits or something else that's available in our workshop and paint it. Then it's off to the races!
Model Ship
Out of the parts that we have it's possible to make everything starting form a tiny sail boat to a large sailing ship. You can make it either very minimalist or attach as many parts and details as you want. We also have a shallow pond where it's safe to test out the newbuilt ships.
Christmas tree decorations
Hearts, stars, cats and bunnies. We have all kinds of shapes. But it's up to you to decide how to decorate them.
Toy Windmill
Before assembleing the windmill you can decorate it's stem and wings. Then we'll show you how to put it togheter. Afterwards let's just hope that it's a windy day.

For groups under 10 people entrance fee is 2€, while groups that are more than 10 people it's 1€
Candles 5€
Nail Decoration 4€
Reflective-string 4€
Buzzer 3€
Clay ornament 4€
Wood Burning 3€
Spinning Top 4€
Gymnast 9€
Sand Mandala 50€ for m²
Clay wind chime 7€
Gypsum ornament 9€
Painting on Canvas Bag 7€
Notebook 4€
Wooden Car 9€
Model Ship 9€
Safety Reflector 4€
Roller 3€
Wind Chimes 3€
Jigsaw Puzzle 4€
Tile Mosaic 9€
Painting on glass cups 3€
Personalized Pin 2€
Puzuris 4€
Caterpillar 3€
Wind Indicator 9€
3x Magnetic Peg 3€
3 Christmas tree decorations 5€
Toy Windmill 4€
Prices shown without added value tax.